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Stages and experiences of sleep


The mind grows tired, even before the body, drained and after the day or several days, we choose to zone into nothing and sleep or the body might choose so for us. After a day of doing nothing or of hard labor, our minds need only some hours of the depth we call "sleep". Even after 5 days without sleep, the mind is given enough support after only several hours of sleep, maybe 10 or 12.

At other times, maybe rarely, one might be well-slept and also physically well but may find the need to sleep for 36 hours or longer, skipping meals and even water and even the bathroom! Or, some times, one might actually choose to sleep beyond their need, because of depression, feeling lazy or because of any other thing which, in this case, might cause one to feel somewhat overslept.

The most important thing that many modern humans fail to notice is how throughout every day, we could all take a good nap.

Is the oven on? Do you have an appointment? Do you need to use the bathroom? Is there something on your mind? It is the last thing on your mind that will still keep you awake and ranting throughout the night. When it is time for bed, let your thoughts worry about themselves and be done with them! Only moments after that last thought leaves your mind, for good, you will be fast asleep.

In sleep, we dream but, some people might believe that they hardly or even "never" dream at all.


We do, in fact, all dream each time that we sleep. It is a busy and thoughtless life that allows for one to be almost as some mindless spectator in their own dreams and, dreams are already difficult enough to remember even after thinking about them all day!

It is probable that we are all dreaming even while awake but, that is difficult to say for sure.

It is said that dreams only occur or are "more vivid" when in the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of sleep and that "the first REM episode occurs about 70 minutes after falling asleep" but, this is absolutely not true. One may begin dreaming and delving even deeper into the experiences of sleep immediately after falling asleep and actually before-hand.

To have a better recollection of one's own dreams, some will keep "dream journals" but it may be easier to simply wonder about the dreams that you have after waking from them, else you could be writing or typing novels!

It is also possible to remember a dream days or months or even years after you've had a dream, being the first time that you ever remembered it at all! I would say "I just remembered a dream that I never remembered that I had when I had it until just now!"

It is also very possible to remember a specific dream but no other dreams of that night but, as you begin to backtrack the memories of that one dream, you will begin to remember all of the dreams you had before-hand, which lead up to the dream that you originally remembered. Or, you will begin to remember more dreams that you have after this specific segment which you could only first remember.

People will have similar dreams without ever having shared their experiences before. Some common experiences may be flying after reaching a large hill, or running very fast on your tip(py) toes, or being unable to move and there is something in the other room that is coming for you, or suddenly being slowed down when trying to fight some one. There are many other shared experiences that are and are not shared by everyone.

Dream awareness

It is possible to become aware while dreaming. The popular name for this is "lucid dreaming".

There are several stages of dream awareness:

1. as soon as you realize that you are dreaming, you wake up.
2. you may realize that you are dreaming but have no control and, you are still sort of a spectator, tagging along.
3. you have very little control of your dream and may move in and out of this little control and usual dreaming.
4. you have a little more control but, this effort to GRASP it all causes your dream to fade away and, you wake.
5. you have full control and can fly and walk and think and talk without waking.

With or without reading this, it is common to encounter what can immediately be labeled as "shadow people" in a lucid dream.

One might come to inspect that even characters within dreams may actually be shadow people.

Sleep paralysis

It is said that everyone experiences "sleep paralysis" when they sleep. This is said to be the mechanism which prevents us from punching and kicking and walking in real life while we are punching and kicking and walking in our dreams.

Sleep paralysis allows for several sensations and experiences and there are at least two ways to intentionally induce sleep paralysis and to experience this event while awake where you are laying. One is able to open their eyes and look around the room they are in and also able to mumble and to move slightly.

Sleep paralysis is also known as "old hag syndrome", whereas a "hag" is a term for a witch and a witch is a demon and it is the "night mare" that has been said and believed to sit on one's chest, creating a heavy and suffocating sensation. A "mare" is known as an "evil spirit or goblin".

One method of inducing sleep paralysis is to lay in bed and clear your mind of thoughts (words and ideas) but to keep the intention of staying awake. Relax your body entirely and when relaxed, relax even further with each exhale, relaxing your fingers, toes, eyes, ears, forehead, knees, skin, cheeks, eye lids, arm pits - everything.

Eventually, the sensation will come upon you and you will know it.

While in this state, it is possible to see what is mentioned hereon without reading what is mentioned hereon.

It is possible to feel and see the sensation of floating or sort of "bouncing" around the room that you are in. It is possible to see goblins and gremlins, which should be considered to be "imps". It is also possible to experience what resembles a large woman. This may or may not have roots to what is a succubus and succubi, which is a demon who will have sexual intercourse with people.

The other method of coming into sleep paralysis is to wake into it, which is usually induced by an encounter with "shadow people".

You may hear walking in the room that you are in. You could open your eyes to see a dark figure actually walking. You may experience a large and dark dog.

Buzzing and leaving the body

Humanity is obsessed with talking, among other things and, when thinking to one's self, this also usually involves thinking in "words".

Clear your mind of language and let the images go but, keep the intention of being awake or, just think without thinking (which may take some time to understand). With this clarity of mind, one is quick to fall asleep but, with that thoughtless connection to your laying body, you may begin to hear sounds and voices. This is also very possible when very tired with no option to go to bed!

It seems to be some connection between the waking and dreaming states and, you may even see things like from a dream.

In most cases, you will fall asleep but, it is possible to listen to the sounds and voices until hearing and even feeling a BUZZ.

Can you see an apple in your mind? Can you hear a bird in your mind? Can you taste your favorite food or candy without actually tasting it? Can you imagine and feel your self reaching out and touching or moving something without moving it?

This is your mind's eye. This is your other body but, there are said to be several other "bodies" which we have connected to our physical one.

The easiest way of achieving the "BUZZZZ" is to listen to the sounds and voices, with wakeful intention and, roll your mind's body out of your own body. Roll to the right, roll to the left. Sit up, stand up and walk out of the room, do it again. Do a back flip, a front flip, raise your right arm, your head, your left arm, roll roll roll! Lift your legs in the air!

but, remember, this is your mind's body that you are moving.

Soon enough, buuuuuzzzzzzzz.

If there is one thing that is for sure, life and dreams, shadow people, these experiences, all of it goes much deeper and little to no human on Earth has the answer just yet. I even feel in some way that it is forbidden to introduce modern humanity into these things and, so, be responsible, be kind, be honest, be willing. None of this is a television show or a video game or a pornographic film or a joke.

The buzzing may hurt. The buzzing may feel that you are not breathing. It can be overwhelming.

Realize that your body is taking care of it's self. They even say that if one passes out, the body continues to breathe or that even if you held your breathe for as long as possible above or below the surface of water, you will eventually gasp for air! One of many ways that we fight for life against our own will.

Give in to the buzzing that you feel and hear! and, when it has ceased in only a strong moment, will yourself to sit up, to fly.

I have not been able to will or manifest anything in this place and it is the darker shade that may also be experienced in lucid dreaming.

I can not speak for others but of my few wills to delve into this place, my first experience eventually met with a dead and naked old woman who did come for me and she did have a horrible intent in her eye about me and she made her way all the way to my feet before I successfully rolled out on my second attempt to do so.

Leaving the body through a buzz, you may find to be initially difficult with moving and flying.

Relaxing and leaving the body

Leaving the body alternatively


False awakenings

Deja Vu

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