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Note: there is much that is still to be added to this page, most of which is written elsewhere to later be transferred from notebook and mind to this website. Keep checking if you are interested in the truth, as this page will continuously be updated when time allows.

What is most important in life on Earth will be covered throughout this page but, what is currently most important must be mentioned first.

On Earth right now and for what seems to have been, always, governance is and has always been the most important thing on Earth.

In 1692, the massacre in Glen Coe of Scotland took place after the MacDonalds had not pledged their allegiance to the new monarchs within the defined time.

This order of allegiance and also concept of "terror" are both what give governance, to this day, the power that it does hold over all. Fear and security from fear.

Governance is the most important thing to nearly every thing on Earth and importance does not mean "good". Politics and war, debates and taxes, what is best for you and for others and who is treated better or worse through governance on Earth is the topic at hand every day in life on Earth among humans.

Without having to verbally speak of governance, such powers exist throughout your every day life with or without your care or knowledge or permission.

Governance Must End

What do you want and what do you need? Do you want free and healthy food and water? Do you seek a free home with warmth and dry in cold and wet weather? Do you care for what you receive in life or how difficult life is for you? Do you care for others and what they receive or only for what you receive in life and for your own self?

Selfish or selfless.

What are you willing to sacrifice for the sake of others to enjoy life, or for the sake that you may at least enjoy life. What are you willing to release from your discourses?

In life, you will attach to and love what you feel of fear and also you will attach to and love possessions, items you wish to possess, ideas, trends, words..

Personal feeling for things is not something that can be verbally educated to others. You must self reflect and come to feel for your own convictions, else ignorance must be bliss.

The Truth

To provide 1 second of time to more than 7 billion humans each would require more than 221 years.

(7,000,000,000 seconds / 60 = 116,666,666.67 minutes / 60 = 1,944,444.4 hours / 24 = 81,018.518 days / 365 = 221.9685 years)

It is claimed that in the year 2000, the world population was 6.102 billion and in the year 2016, the world population was 7.405 billion.

What is the size of a human compared to the Earth?

The "said" size of Earth will change from time to time, but it could be said that Earth is 7,926 miles in diameter and the circumference of this planet is 24,901 miles.

Space is considered to begin 62 miles above sea level (also known as the "Kármán line") which is very close to the altitude of an aurora (polar lights).

The image below will show what you have just read.

The average height of a human being is around 5.5 feet and if all humans were equivalent to this height, it would take 59,520 humans stacked from head to toe to reach the Kármán line from sea level.

You could imagine being the size of an ant to understand the size of a human compared to the planet Earth. The average height of an ant is 1 millimeter and there are 304.8 mm in one foot. 59,520 ants stacked on top of each other would be equivalent to 195.28 feet (35.5 humans stacked from head to toe).

So you would have to imagine being the 35th person on top of 34 other individuals, or otherwise you would have to imagine being at the top of this 200 foot Ferris wheel located in Myrtle Beach, SC. and looking down to try and spot an ant.

In reality, you would need to be a 1 mm ant at the top of a 200 foot Ferris wheel, looking down to spot the bottom 1 of 59,520 ants.

This concept would be equivalent to being at the edge of what is considered space (Kármán line) and looking down to spot a human being.

Humans are embedded within the cracks of the planet Earth just as an insect can fit within the cracks we humans walk on.

The size of a human compared to the Earth: continued:

When speaking in terms of area coverage, the current entire human population could actually fit into the state of Texas with plenty of room for each human to live about.

The Earth itself has 196.9 million square miles of surface area. It is said that humans are proportional from arm to arm as we are from head to toe, but imagine that one human is standing alone with their arms down and by their side and that this human has a maximum width now of 2 feet (24″). If also from front to back the human consumed 24″ of space, they would amount to 576 square inches of space.

There are 27,878,400 square feet in one mile, which is equivalent to 4,014,489,600 (4 billion) square inches. If the average human might consume 576 square inches then one human would fit into a square mile 6,969,600 times. With the surface area of Earth being equal to 196.9 million square miles, you could fit one human side by side (each containing 576 square inches of space) 790,453,002,240,000,000 (790 quadrillion) times.

One quadrillion is more than a trillion which is more than a billion.

You would need now to imagine 790.5 quadrillion grains of sand that are formed as the crust of a sphere, then pick one to view a single human compared to only the surface area of the planet Earth.

It seems no wonder you cannot see humans when viewing Earth from space. We are microscopic creatures.

Could every human on Earth fit into the state of Texas?

To solve the square of a number, you would multiply the number by itself. For example, to find the square of 5, you would multiply 5 x 5 = 25. The square of 5 is 25 and the square root of 25 is equal to 5.

Keeping this in mind, we must find the square footage of one mile. There are 5,280 feet in one mile, therefore you would multiply 5,280 x 5,280 = 27,878,400 square feet in one square mile.

What about Texas? The state contains 268,820 square miles, so what is the square footage? Multiply 268,820 square miles x 27,878,400 square feet in one mile and your result is 7,494,271,488,000 (7 trillion) square feet in the state of Texas.

Mankind comes in all shapes and sizes but imagine that every human on Earth (infants, children, adults, elderly) is 6 feet tall. A human is usually proportional by height and by arm span, so imagine that every human has an arm span of exactly 6 feet as well.

6' x 6' = 36 sq ft of space that each human could potentially require before touching another human's fingertips.

The population of mankind is currently just over 7 billion, so we multiply the population by the square footage that each human would require (7 billion x 36) and we are given a sum of 252,000,000,000 (252 billion) square feet.

So with 7 billion humans, infants to adults all ranging in height and width to 6 feet, mankind would require 252 billion square feet max total (but it would be a very tight fit if that is all they were given!).

Going back to the square footage of Texas (7 trillion), we divide this number by the square footage that humans would require (252 billion) and our total is 27.8. This means that each human, with 36 square feet of space, would consume only 1 of 27.8 of all of the entire state of Texas.

36 square feet x 27.8 = 1,000 square feet per human. You could find a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom with a full kitchen, a living room and dining room apartment for this size, and that's space kept all to yourself!

This is not to mention families who live together, buildings being stacked onto each other, basements...

Potentially, every human on Earth could have at least 3,000 square feet to themselves if they had a basement, ground floor and second floor which all contained 1,000 square feet each.

But then again, this would be the maximum full of Texas, and there would be no room for open space between each building.

But then you have to remember that not all humans on Earth are 6 feet tall, or that many families live together, with 2, 5 or more children.

Recognize that within families exist children and infants and that if humans lived in families of four, then each family could live within 3,000 square feet of home and now the entire human population would consume only 1/4 of the entire state of Texas, if not less.

The remaining 3/4 of Texas could be for food, local markets if need-be, recreation, etc.

What about the entire Earth?

There are 196,939,900 square miles of land on Earth. This is equivalent to 5,490,369,308,160,000 square feet. If we each had a six foot arm span, giving us 36 square feet of room, you could fit 152,510,258,560,000 (152 trillion) humans on Earth. It'd be a tight fit, but it's possible. That's not to mention the remaining space on or in the ocean, underground or in the air.

A world human population of 7 billion could fit into 152 trillion 21,714 times. At this point, animals, insects and all of life on Earth beside the invasive human would be long gone and extinct forever.

What is the size of the Earth compared to the Universe?

The Universe is not only immaculately expansive but it is also immeasurably compressed. When comparing anything to the size of the Universe, you must consider not only the large scale, but also the microscopic scale of existence. When it comes to the Universe, you really need to use your imagination.

One United States football field measures 300 feet long x 150 feet wide.

One mile of length is equivalent to 5,280 feet and with these measurements, you could fit a football field into the length of one mile 17.6 times.

Standing with arms outstretched, fingertip to fingertip, it would take 960 humans (all measuring 5.5′ height and width) to span the distance of one mile.

If the current world population is 7.1 billion individuals and 960 humans are equal in distance to one mile, then the entire world population would span 7,395,833 miles if touching fingertip to fingertip (all measuring 5.5' in height and width). This number would allow mankind to circle the entire planet, with a circumference of 24,901 miles, 297 times.

If every human were 1 foot in thickness from back to stomach (more than average), then mankind would create a band around Earth no more than 297 feet thick (1/17th of one mile) after circling the planet 297 times.

The size of Earth

In diameter, the Earth is around 7,926 miles. This number is equal to 41,849,280 feet from one end of the Earth, through the middle and out to the opposite side of the planet.

Image by NASA

If you were to again take humans that were on average 5.5 feet tall, it would take 7,608,960 humans to span the distance of the Earths diameter (fingertip to fingertip). This number is just below the average population of the state of Virginia, or nearly the same as the population for the country of Honduras.

Compare the following numbers to the diameter of Earth (7,926 miles):

Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world, reaches 5.5 miles above sea level (29,040 feet).


The Burj Khalifa in Dubai measures 2,722 feet tall and would fit into Mount Everest 10.67 times. The Burj Khalifa is not one mile tall.

Image by Nepenthes

The Empire State Building, located in New York City, rises up to 1,454 feet. The Empire State Building could fit into the Burj Khalifa 1.87 times.

If humans were again all 5.5 feet tall, it would take 264 humans standing from head to toe to match the height of the Empire State Building.

How far and how fast does light travel?

Imagine Earth from space. You turn to view an enormous mass of energy known as the Sun, a star. The light seen radiating from the star takes 8 minutes and 20 seconds (500 seconds total) to travel from the Sun, through space and finally to Earth, which only then is referred to as “daylight”.

The light that took 8 and a half minutes to travel from the Sun to the Earth was travelling at said 186,282.4 miles, or in other words, 23.5 times the diameter of Earth, per second.

Knowing the said speed of light, you can calculate the distance between Earth and the Sun, which is 93,141,200 miles (11,751 Earths).

Remember that is takes around 500 seconds for light to travel from the Sun to the Earth.

In one year (light year), light will travel 5,874,601,766,400 miles (5.9 trillion miles), or 741,199,448 times the diameter of Earth – or – 63,072 times the distance between the Sun and Earth. This all occurs within 525,949 minutes (one year).

How large is the Universe?

Now that you know the distance of light compared to the size of Earth, we can use light to measure the size of the Universe.

There are elliptical, spiral and irregular galaxies but the planet Earth and all of our solar system is located in a spiral galaxy known as the Milky Way. The Milky Way’s closest "spiral" neighbor is the Andromeda Galaxy, located nearly 2.5 million light years away. If mankind had the technology to travel at the speed of light, it would still take 2.5 million years to reach Andromeda!

The distance that light travels in one year (5.9 trillion miles) multiplied by the distance to Andromeda from the Milky Way (2.5 million light years) = 14,686,504,416,000,000,000 (14.7 quintillion) miles to Andromeda.

The visible Universe

NASA claims to have an estimate for how wide the "visible" or "observable" universe is. The observable Universe has an estimated diameter of 93 billion light years.

The visible Universe (if correctly estimated) is about 546,351,455,376,000,000,000,000 miles in diameter (546 sextillion miles).

Beyond the observable distance, the Universe "may continue infinitely".

Being a diameter alone, you have every other direction to consider (up, down, left, right, etc) and that is not including dimensions or what we may not yet, or ever, understand.

Earth would fit side by side from one side of the observable Universe to the other 68,931,548,747,918,243,754.7 times (68.9 quintillion).

Truly, how large is the Universe?

As massive as the Universe may seem, if not infinite, there is a size unnoticed by many which must be considered.

The depth of the Universe is deep and immense. So deep in fact that it does not only expand into a much larger field than we may ever understand, but at the same time, the Universe is immeasurably tiny.

In every corner, in every space among every location of existence, from one end of the Universe to the other – size is not only what we can see, but instead size is what we cannot see.

Returning from the edge of the Universe, back to our solar system and back to Earth, back to Mount Everest and back to our cities. Back to mankind and down to the size of an ant, who’s average height is 1mm, beyond the size of any insect and smaller than any germ, cell or particle – deep into the atomic Universe, further into what is theorized as the planck, who’s definition is that of which if the microscopic scale were to end, planck is the name that end would be given.

If it were to end.

Space may be infinite in every dimension.

The planet Earth, home before homes

The Sun is good. The oxygen is good. Nature, it is good. The animals, they are good. We do not swim through spiders, allowing them to bite our bodies and inject into us their venom. When a venomous thing does bite into our skin or any thing we are not used to comes into our being, we have symptoms of feelings which are not good. We do not swim through Uranium, used for nuclear bombs and for nuclear power plants. When a bomb is let loose, when a power plant faults, we all face symptoms that are not good, that are not beautiful or happy.

Throw your fruits and vegetables into a plastic bag to not reseed but throw your cigarettes outside onto the Earth?

Bag your dogs feces in polluting plastic, but throw the plastic bag onto the Earth?


According to, the time is takes for garbage to biodegrade/decompose on Earth is:

Plastic Bags
Plastic Beverage Bottle
10 - 20 years
450 years

"The WEF report, based on analysis of 20 studies and interviews with 180 experts, also said only 14% of plastic packaging is collected for recycling and that there will be more plastic than fish calculated by weight in the world's oceans by 2050."

What plastic is available for purchase?

bags of bread, peanut butter containers, soap bottles, toothpaste tubes, soda and water bottles, chip and other snack bags, grocery bags, tortilla bags, bags for rice, bags for dry beans, cheese wrapped in plastic, meat in plastic, seasonings in plastic containers, coffee cup lids, straws, plastic labels on bottles, stickers, etc

Life on Earth

Who's world is this? All of ours to share? Just yours?

Who should work for whom? Who should labor where and for whom and for what cause?

Do you deserve for others to imagine, design and to create your cell phone and your television and the shows that you watch?

Is national forest your land? Our land? Who's land? Who's land is societies land which is cut up and polluted and destroyed? Your land? Our land? Who's land?

Why live hopelessly? How could any thing get to such a point and continue happily afterward? Ignorance must be bliss else desperation must come late for many who were either trained too well or did not want to see the truth until it was too late.

Human decency

When you are sick, do not go into public. Be decent. Stay home until you are well. Be decent.

Modern society

4 years of coming into realization. 14 years in standard system education, pledging allegiance. Around or about or more or less than 47 years to labor for retirement. Death.

12 month lease? Cannot get out even "in death"? Who's soul and who's right to retain a human to a building for years of only the few years that exist in life?


196 countries on Earth, 193 a part of the UN (United Nations).

Cloud Seeding - weather modification (who's planet? who cares?)

What good is governance on Earth?

Desalinated and cleaned water but buy a filter to clean further because of chemicals and a taste?

How Much Does the United States Government Spend on Imprisonment?


If the United States governed one prison per 50 states, each being occupied in full with no more than 500 prisoners per prison-facility and each prisoner consumed $1 per meal for 3 square meals of each day, then all inmates combined would consume $27,375,000 of food annually.

The fact though, is that in the end of 2011 alone, the United States government held captive 2,266,800 adults, or 0.73% of the then entire United States population – most of which were imprisoned for "non-violent crimes" such as tax evasion.

Given the same estimates of $1 per square meal, per prisoner, per day would calculate that at least $2,482,146,000 (2.5 billion) is spent annually on prison-food alone, a number which does not include the 70,792 juveniles incarcerated in 2010.

There is more to consider than food, though, when totaling funds for imprisonment:

Food is more than $1 per meal, the cost of water, 24 hours of electricity and 24 hours of hired guards and other employees, laundry, detergent, shampoo, soap, the cost of each prison itself...

In fact though, the average inmate requires $21,000 to $33,000 each year, numbers which are still rising.

If every inmate, both minimum and maximum security, required an average of $25,000 annually per citizen – with a 2011 population of 2,266,800 adult inmates – the total spent annually on United States prisoners would be at least $56,670,000,000 (56.7 billion). This number is nearly 23 times the cost of food initially estimated.

In fact, one human earning full-time federal minimum wage would only make at most $13,920 annually – before taxes were collected back to the Government.

In the pledge to God Government, it is read “with liberty and justice for all”. Of the more than 2.4 million humans imprisoned in the United States today, it may be that only 166,700 individuals are in because of murder. The remaining 2.23 million hear not, speak not and see not liberty but instead only live through the justice-system of the United States of America – for years.

All the while, the United States Government claims to spend nearly $530 billion on “defense” and “security” alone – not to mention the trillions spent on war.

That "defense" and "security" includes the cost of cameras on every stop light across the country – half a trillion US dollars annually.

War and terror is power. Government, driven 50% by 99% of the entire human population and 50% by evil, creates war, creates terror and imprisons – while those working the same job, driving the same car, living in the same box and filing the same taxes believe they are being protected from outside invaders – and they do so only because they fear being locked away or executed by Government followers – all hired by the dollar.

Humans pay for roads, humans build roads, Government owns roads.

How much are you taxed?

In the United States there exists "tax brackets". These brackets define what you owe to Government based on what income you generate annually.

Employees are not eligible for deductions and even after said write-offs are calculated, still one's "actual income" is taxed by said "tax brackets".

In the year of 2016, if you generate up to $9,275, you will be taxed by 10% of your income.

If you generate $9,276 to $37,650, you will be taxed by 15% of your income.

$37,651 to $91,150 is 25% of your income and $91,151 to $190,150 is 28% of your income, but tax brackets continue up to 39.6% of your total annual income.

Most humans within the United States begin from the ground up, earning "Federal Minimum Wage" which currently is $7.25.

$7.25 x 40 hours per week (full time) is equal to $290. $290 x 52 weeks (every week) of the entire year is equal to $15,080.

This would put most humans who are just starting off within the 15% tax bracket.

15% of an annual $15,080 is equal to $2,262 owed to the United States Government through taxation.

Therefore, $15,080 - $2,262 = $12,818 that any employee truly makes per year and only if they work full time without taking a day off for the entire year.

If one earning federal minimum wage and working full time truly earns only $12,818 annually, then what are one's bills worth?

If about minimum one's bills are:

car insurance

then one would owe around or more than $1,095 per month to bills. $1,095 x 12 months = $13,140.

$13,140 is not equal to the $12,818 that one can make MAX after working full time without a day off for an entire year.

The fact is that children beginning from the ground up are hardly capable of affording the minimal "cost of living" and the bills mentioned above are difficult to maintain for most humans. Rent is usually more. Food is more if you know little to nothing about foods. Children have no sense of decency and must have the best phone and not only do they want internet but a television bill is usually included in most homes across the United States. Car insurance raises by the month/year and if you want more than liability coverage then you will pay even more for car insurance.

The fact is that humans are further than back to $0 at the end of each month after working for federal minimum wage.

So, how much are you taxed?

If minimum wage in the United States were $0.00625 per hour and you, as an employee worked full time for minimum wage, then in one month (4 full time weeks) you would earn $1.

If your bills in one month also demanded exactly $1 total for rent, food, utilities, car insurance, fuel, internet, phone, etc, then by the end of one month, all of your earnings would be put directly into the bills for your living. You would thus be flat at $0 by the end of every month until you received a raise or found a better paying option of employment. Does this sound familiar?

If in fact you were to earn only $1 per month and this $1 was taxed by 15%, then you would owe $0.15 to Government for each month of the year.

Your bills have already taken what $1 you made though, so where will you get the additional $0.15 every month? You would need to work an additional 24 hours to earn the $0.15 just to pay Government.

Once you did make $1.15 total for the month, so that $1 could go towards your own life and so that you could pay Government $0.15, then what you "owe" would no longer be just $0.15, since you now made more than $1 and instead made $1.15.

15% of $1.15 is equal to $0.1725. Thus, you would no longer owe $0.15 to Government but instead would owe just over $0.17 to Government after generating $1.15.

You have the $0.15 and your bills are all paid for, but now from where will you earn the additional $0.02?

Once you did manage to earn the additional $0.02 to pay Government, your total owed now is finally done, besides the fact that you owe at least half a cent, so does the Government want that full 1 penny? But, when one earns not $1 per month but instead earns at least $13,140 annually, the amount one owes to Government is fractioned to the same Nth degree as it was in the example of only $1.

If you were to earn $1 per month and your bills demanded exactly $1 of what you did earn, you would still have to gather an additional $0.17 and some to pay Government what they deem you owe.

What you earn will be taxed to the Nth amount before you will have to pay Government at least $0.01 over their Nth degree to finally be free of Government 'debt'.

What Do Taxes Pay For?

war / concrete roads / standard education / weapons / new police vehicles / food stamps in exchange for cigarettes with cash

What Could Taxes Pay For?

It is assumed that the United States Government collects at least 6.6 trillion USD annually but, the actual number is not revealed.

At the beginning of 2016, the United States population was said/estimated to be 322,762,018.

6.6 trillion (Taxes) / 322,762,018 (US Population) = $20,448.50 per US citizen annually.

6.6 trillion (Taxes) / 7,404,976,783 (2016 World Human Population) = $891.29 per human annually

Within and from only the United States could at least $20,448.50 be divided among every infant, child, teenager, adult and elderly every year.

Many or most humans, of course, would no longer wish to be employed if receiving $20,000 every year per individual in their family. And, of course such taxes to be redistributed would no longer be collected since most humans would no longer be generating income. And, if the world continue as it is and all humans continued to work common jobs solely to receive such incredible funds, the cost of living would raise to match this new sum of cash that everyone was receiving. The "economy" would be exactly the same as it is now.

Still, this amount of currency that is able to be distributed among each citizen within only one country shows the power of free medical, free security, free education and more.

But, the United States Government does tell where they do actually put your "tax dollars", according to

health care
national defense
job and family security
net interest
veterans benefits
education and job training
immigration, law enforcement, and administration of justice
international affairs
national resources, energy, and environment
science, space, and technology programs
community, area, and regional development
response to natural disasters
additional government programs

The fact is that the United States spends everything on nothing and they spend nothing on what is actually important.

What are taxes?

Taxes are not your income. Tax is your actual labor, your actual time.

When you generate $37,651 to $91,150 per year, 25% of your income is not what is taken from you, but instead 25% of your time, your labor, is taken from you. This means that 25% of every last effort you put into waking up, working for others, dealing with ignorance, polluting the world and etc is literally given up to Government. For 25% of your entire year of laboring, you were actually a Government employee paying for nuclear warheads, paying for bullets, paying police to have new vehicles, paying judges to place tax evaders in prison. For 1/4th of your entire year of labor, you were driving in circles for no reason, polluting the air with your vehicle just for Government. You were raping children and shooting strangers in other countries, you were conducting experiments on people and animals who hear, see, taste, smell and feel just as you do. For 25% of your entire year of labor, you were desensitizing humans to become soldiers who are paid to shoot at people who shoot back. You were paying the Government to wage their wars with whom they choose, all in the name of oil so that you could get in your car and work for nothing.

Taxation is prostitution. As a pimp collects earnings from their prostitutes, Government collects from human kind. As a pimp smacks, beats or other a prostitute, Government will lock you away if you do not pay.

Is Everyone On Earth "Tax Exempt"?

When a "hobby" or any activity generates more than a specific number that is defined by Government, being around $400 within the United States, that "hobby" is no longer considered a "hobby" but instead is considered a "taxable business".

Do you love to play instruments? Are you an artist at heart? Do you wish to educate humans of your own free will?

These "hobbies" are "jobs" once you make a few dollars from them, and tax is debt and debt makes life difficult, for one must strive to free themselves of debt. This can make any hobby "not worth it" and can thus make one's own life very sad, very difficult.

Deductions or "write-offs" etc are business "expenses" which can be "deducted" from what you are said to "owe" to Government.

All of Earth is "owned" with currency. When one is only born, there is no place on this planet for one without currency. Thus, any activity must generate currency in order to only be alive and to live on Earth, to buy food, to rent an apartment, to drink any water. This is a fact. This is the truth.

If being alive itself demands business, demands currency, then anything purchased to assist one's own life is in fact, according to Government itself, a business expense and thus all things which help one to wake up for business, to eat for business through what one has labored for to purchase the food in the first place, these things and all of life are all business write-offs, for life is business and business is life.

How Would Society Thrive/Grow?

Humans have always been okay with what little they have without the future and, especially children. and yet humans worship what new comes into this world while we all have so much to give instead.

The Draft

If you believe in a draft then you should join your military now and fight for it.


Your egotistical ways of feeling that you protect all of mankind are not required. I will protect myself and I will protect others FOR FREE.

Hired murderers GO HOME.

How to be happy and live happily

Life is free, from the beginning

See a red or green bulbus fruit on the end of a cactus? This is free food that tastes like apples.

You can find free water at "mineral springs".

How To Cure Insomnia and Find Rest


Most if not all cases of insomnia relate to the never-ending process of thought. You lay in bed thinking for hours about what you will do tomorrow, what you should have said earlier today, how you will or could have handled a situation. Maybe you imagine fantastical scenes of flying or other abilities.

The act of thinking is what causes you to lack sleep. The act of thinking can also be known as "the Ego". You must learn to stop your thoughts and only then will you master the ability of slumber.

This is by no means an easy process. In fact, for most, not thinking can be a very difficult task. You might tell yourself throughout every night to "just stop thinking, stop thinking" and in the process you may actually believe that you have succeeded, until suddenly, you realize that you were thinking the entire time and did not even notice until minutes or even hours later.

You must learn to simplify your thoughts. Understand that everything that you are imagining in your mind, what you are thinking to say or do, the thought of that new invention you have just come to realize, you will remember all of this by the time that you wake up. Learn to understand that if you must have sleep, then these thoughts can wait and that they will not vanish with the rise of the sun.

By all means, if you must write down that new invention, get up and write it down. But, do not lay there thinking about it.

By telling yourself to "just stop thinking, stop thinking", you are actually still just thinking.

If you can master the ability to rest your thoughts, then you have mastered the ability to rest your entire being. As soon as that last thought leaves your consciousness, you will wake up.

Interesting Supposed Numbers

census.gov2014 United States Population: 318,857,056
2014 "White" Population: 77.4% (246,795,361.34)
2014 "Black or African American" Population: 13.2% (42,089,131.39)
2014 "Hispanic or Latino" Population: 17.4% (55481127.74)

The "African American" population within the United States makes up 13.19% of the total 100% population. So why boast that "black lives matter" when ALL COLORS are shot and murdered by police and other humans in general?

Boasting one color over any other or demanding equality when one is the minority is simply ignorance or racism.


Would God not speak to a righteous human-kind?

Humans are only waiting for their revelation.

Interesting Religion

Holy Bible King James Version

Genesis 1:29 And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat. 30 And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein life, I have given every green herb for meat: and it was so."

Genesis 9:1 "And God blessed Noah and his sons, and said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth. 2 And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every fowl of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered. 3 Every moving thing that liveth shall be meat for you; even as the green herb have I given you all things. 4 But flesh with the life thereof, the blood thereof, shall ye not eat."

Exodus 20:13 "Thou shalt not kill."

Predestination - Does Free Will Exist or Is Everything and Life Predetermined?


In common sense you could imagine that humans, among other things, possess the nature of choice or free will. If one chooses to head right as apposed to left, an unalterable choice is being made, therefore, many believe that free will must exist.

Though, like a river, everything must flow. Just as you were born without your permission, or just as the universe exists, the outcome of our actions are not necessarily conducted by our will.

To better understand this idea, you must imagine what might happen in ten seconds from now. Ultimately, no matter what happens, a “choice” will be made. If you choose to do absolutely nothing, the choice to do nothing was made. If you choose to stop everything and go for a hike, again, a choice – but keep in mind that choice is only a word to give meaning to what we believe we are doing – just as all vocal terms exist to communicate the existence about.

As soon as 10 seconds from now comes and goes, the moment forever will be gone, another illusion created by time. Just as one second exists, 1,000 milliseconds exist and within one millisecond exists 1,000 microseconds and so on and so forth until the depth of time itself is immeasurable by mankind.

The gears seem to be compressed so finely and so indefinitely, as are all things within existence, that not only can you not prevent one second from happening, but unmistakably will you never prevent any further fractions of time from occurring.

So think about the choice you will make in the next ten seconds. Think about it quick because time does not stop for you, as you are not significant. The truth is that in ten seconds, ten years or in ten life times from now, what will happen then is exactly what is going to happen, “choices” included. Just as in the beginning of time itself, what you do in the next ten seconds will be what you would have always done, since before you were ever born.

So you may not necessarily have some marvelous destiny and it may seem that our actions alter this reality, but the truth is that everything in all of this universe and the next are following only one path – a path.

We cannot cease to exist from pure will, though by choice we may choose to end our lives. This does not separate ones existence from this existence, for your ashes, bones and entire essence will remain within this realm. You are not separate from this existence, rather, you are of this existence. We do not control the big picture, instead, we are a part of the big picture. You may not choose to see a color you have never seen because your mind is only aware of what it has already experienced. You are not separate from other life on Earth or from the universe itself but instead the very fabrics of existence connect everything.

The only real question is where this awareness exists from to give illusion to choice.


What child would know of drugs without being informed of them or by programs like D.A.R.E..

Have a sailboat with sails and travel the Earth. What use is an unnecessary, demanding, expensive, polluting engine? Why not an "engine" of solar, wind, water, dirt energy?

Using resources that will last for ones self? Else, collecting resources solely to trade for currency? being purchased as a plastic Dorito bag that will be thrown into a plastic garbage bag and dumped back onto the Earth.

Did you know that chemically-treated wood decks are built every day as a "part of the package" for new mobile homes? Many of those who purchase such "homes" will discard of these decks, or even announce they do not want it in the first place, but "it comes with the building" and will be built either way by employees, whether to be discarded of or not.

Remove animals from your ownership. No soul is owned, even if one soul believes they own the other. If you believe that animals have no souls, punch a bear and will it fight back? Hit a dog and will it fight back? Does an animal not see or hear? Does a bird or a cow not feel? Does a cat not cower?

Animals are capable of befriending a human. Animals are capable of doing human things. Step down from your throne and come to respect life on Earth, for are you not alive and do you not deserve respect for your life? Else you deserve torture and pain, do you not? Thus you must enjoy pain and suffering if you are not capable of at least understanding what exists with you, here in life within existence.

No more zoos, no more pets, no more purchasing of the lives of animals. Instead, friends and companions. Even all humans are on auto pilot, just as animals may seem to be to many ignorant humans.

The industrial age must end. Currency purchases guns and ammunition and pays companies to build such weapons of mass destruction. When currency ends, no soul will seek to create weapons of mass destruction for all of man to have and when they do manage to build such weapons for only themselves, the remaining human population should be wise enough to strike such evil from the Earth on sight.

What are you in fear of to purchase a gun and guns?

Where is anything fair, right, honest, decent?

Children are raping children today.

Draft exists only to those who believe in it. It is no divine power.

Currency must be abolished. Government must be abolished. Borders must be abolished.

Woe unto them that call evil good and good evil

Chopping trees down faster than they can grow.

Why should I or why should any work for another solely to provide others with what they wish, while those in labor strive and seek better and work only for the benefit of others?

Can a Human Live On Earth For Free?

Like crown royalty humans are made to pledge allegiance to governance of the Earth.

What good is a job, or to even be self employed? What good is money?

To do what with it? To buy a car? To pay for gas? To pay for car insurance? To pollute the planet?

To have a cell phone in case of "emergencies"?

To pay for home? To pay for food? To pay for water?

To have electric lights and other appliances that raise your bill and further pollute the planet?

To pay taxes for guns and war and death and violence and to pay Government employees to govern you?

What good is money? What good is a job or to even be self employed for Government currency?

Just because you are a human and believe animals to be without souls or without feeling or without senses, then you have the right to tell me to believe and feel the same as you? Am I not human as well with just as much entitlement or do you truly expect me to be just as you, thoughtless as you, ignoring all as you do? Who is God over whom? You over myself or each creature over their own selves. But you would judge even these words for your own opinion entitled you so rightly to do so.

At night the hemisphere sleeps and there is peace and, all the while, the other hemisphere plots of war on those who are sleeping in peace.