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Introduction (july 23 2016, around 1am)

This website is currently a log of events in my life. It was originally a database of information and then it became a database of my personal knowledge. For the time, I will now be writing about myself in whatever fashion I feel like doing so.

My Name

Never do I enjoy to share my name but at least I am Matthew.

Further I will continue with my full name, which is Matthew Chad Kampff, solely because Matthew is considered to represent a "gift from God" and Chad is considered to be derived from the meaning of "battle" and Kampff in German as "kampf" is translated to English as "struggle" or "fight". My parents did not know of any of these translations when naming me and, it took until I was 26 to realize also that "chad" came from "battle". and so, my name has two forms of a struggle, being "chad" and "kampff". This is the only reason now that I will share my full name on this website.

About Me

I was born on the 25th of January, a Thursday, in the year of 1990. Now, in 2016, I am aged 26. I am an Aquarius. Currently, I cannot fully agree with "numerology" in relation to birth dates because of the various calendars which do exist and have existed before. Looking into basic numerology, though, my birth date 01.25.1990 would equal to 1+2+5+1+9+9 = 27 = 9. I am classified as "The Hermit".

My chinese zodiac is the Snake and it is the "Earth Snake" that I am considered to be.

I have read that I may have tendencies to be "malevolent" and I agree with this since I do enjoy the darker things in life, though, I do not enjoy evil, hate, corruption and etc. I enjoy the scarier things but I do not enjoy blood or murder or true horror. Instead, truly, I focus on good things. I desire good for all of humanity and for animals and for plant-life and for insects and for the Earth and for things. But through music and art, I do have a dark side. The following is an image I made with pictures of my own face:

One song, of many, that I am currently enjoying is "Psyclon Nine - Remains Of Eden : II", which I am now listening to since I did just mention it.

At this moment, I have 20,327 songs on my ipod. This is my second iPod, since the first "short circuited" in the past and eventually did fix itself, but since I had already received another as a gift from my father, I sold my previous 80gb and now my current iPod is a silver 160gb.


I became self-employed around the age of 21 through buying and selling preowned items and through blogging on websites. I tried hard to become self employed when I was 16 but my mother halted many of my greatest efforts.

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